Rsync Client

A remote file manager with the powerful rsync transfer engine.  It looks like an FTP app but goes like rsync.
Available in 2 editions:  Basic and Pro.
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Basic Edition Screenshots

Pro Edition Screenshots

Basic Edition Features

– Upload and download via rsync by simply pointing and clicking.
– Browse, rename, manage and delete remote files quickly and easily.
– Works over a securely encrypted SSH tunnel (no setup required).
– Includes rsync 3.1.2 (no command-line knowledge required).
– Connects to any remote machine.

Pro Edition Features

In addition to the features of the Basic Edition:
– Checkboxes to quickly enable rsync’s most powerful features – such as version-controlling, bandwidth-management, retention of partial transfers, etc.
– Advanced GUI controls to selectively tune over 125 other rsync options (including things such as global filter rules – to omit .DS_Store files for example). Even application-defined defaults can be overridden for a near-command-line level of control.
– Autocompletion and inline documentation provided for each option.
– Specify when the option applies (e.g. when uploading/downloading/both).
– Full drag-and-drop support.
– Full suite of remote file management functions (e.g. server-side move/copy/create/rename etc.).
– ‘Scavenging’: a preference to boost transfers by systematically employing rsync’s –copy-dest option; essentially reusing data from existing files in recently-visited directories. Fuzzy matching means that even files that are non-identical can be used as a basis for boosting.
– Save multiple Favourites.
– Specify ‘initial paths’ – for connecting straight into the given directory.
– Work with multiple servers in multiple windows.
– Use your SSH RSA private key instead of a password to connect to AWS, Google Cloud, etc.
– Detailed operation logging.
– Filter any view of files and use the keyboard to navigate.
Certified for use with:
– Google Cloud.
– Amazon AWS.
– Dreamhost.
– (And works with any other service provider offering standard rsync-over-SSH.)
Other features in the pipe:
– Bonjour browsing and discovery.
– Native rsync protocol support (in addition to the current rsync-over-ssh).
– A ‘get info’ panel with full support for ownership and permissions management.
– A button to ‘Open here’.
– Ability to modernise server’s version of rsync (i.e. push remote update).
– A history panel with granular operation logging.


The Basic Edition is free.
The Pro version is currently priced at £22.00.  A license can be purchased here.
A 40% ‘early adopter’ discount is currently available. Use promo code EA40 in the checkout.


Click here to download the Basic Edition (19MB) (free).
Click here to download the Pro Edition (20MB) (requires purchase, see features and pricing).

System Requirements

– Mac OS X 10.8 or newer.
The remote machine must have a running SSH service and carry its own copy of rsync.
Macs have this as standard. Therefore, to connect to a remote Mac, simply enable ‘Remote Login’ in its System Preferences.


Rsync Client is a GUI for rsync – the same algorithm found at the heart of Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, OwnDrive, etc.
It uses the Paramiko SSH library to provide encryption.
It is written in Python and uses the Qt framework thanks to the PyQt bindings.
Where tighter integration with MacOS is required, PyObjC has worked well.
The use of open-source code is hereby gratefully acknowledged.