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Truck Version 2019.01.23 Released

– Fixed ‘update rsync’ process which was accidentally broken by yesterday’s update.
– Underlying frameworks updated (Paramiko 2.3.1 to 2.4.2 and PyObjC 3.2.1 to 5.2.2). So now upload/download buttons display a file selection panel as they should (on macOS Mojave).
– Enhanced formatting of alerts when illegal options are passed to subsystems.

Truck is detailed further here.

Truck Version 2019.01.22 Released

– Added SSH debug logging.
– Added cancel button to login progress indicator.
– Remote system is better appraised for SFTP support during login.
– Added some safety warnings when enabling more powerful preferences.
– Removed noise suppression so e.g. underlying SSH connectivity errors bubble up to operator so failures are at least intelligible.

Truck is detailed further here.

Truck Version 2018.10.10 Released

– Recently Visited folders now appear in the location drop down menu, letting you quickly get back to where you were.
– The ‘back’ button now takes you back in history, rather than just brainlessly changing up to the parent directory.

Truck is detailed further here.